Sounds in translation are no snoring matter

What sound do you make when you snore? Or when you kiss? What about your eggs frying in the pan?

When drafting or designing a document that will be translated, it’s a given that your text will look (and sound) different once translated. But the same applies to our attempts to represent other noises we all make (yes, even snoring).
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Under the covers of children’s literature translation

Have you heard of Tintin? How about Asterix or the Moomins? These are all classic books from our childhood, but did you know that they are also all translations? If you were asked to name any other translated children’s books, would you be able to? Read More »

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London celebrates French Republic

This Sunday Londoners will join the French nation in celebrating Bastille Day (or « La Fête Nationale »).  The annual 14 July jamboree marks the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789. This and the subsequent Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen are seen as a symbol of the rise of the modern French nation.

Perhaps the celebrations are no surprise given that London has been described as “France’s sixth biggest city” due to the sheer number of French people who call it home.
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Literary myths of unpopular translation

Translated literature has a new hero in the form of Le French Book. Based in New York with the motto “if we love it, we’ll translate it”, they publish French translations, allowing readers from all over the world to enjoy the wide range of fiction currently being produced in France.

Rallying to the defence of translated fiction, they’ve recently put together a list dispelling the most common myths. We’ve summarised them here for your enjoyment. See if any of this sounds familiar!

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London’s festival of contemporary Arab culture

A window on contemporary Arab culture. That’s what is promised at the second ever Shubbak Festival, a fortnight-long event which opened last week. Running until 6 July in venues scattered all across London, this festival celebrates the visual arts, music, and Arabic translations and literature.

The first Shubbak Festival in 2011 was a great success and it has now become a biennial event. We’ve selected a handful of this year’s events Read More »

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Jousting with erotic translation

A duel of translators forms the centrepiece of an event this evening as two go head to head, when their translations of the same source are put to the test live. Or as one of the participants describes it

a daunting public jousting-with-words that adds a whole new layer of opportunities for disaster and humiliation – but, also, for some thrills and fun.

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Speaking the right language to reach Londoners

Website admins and community outreach take note: even a first glance at the latest release of UK Census figures shows just how much of a global city London has become. (A more detailed blog looking at the picture across the UK will follow once we have crunched the numbers.)


The data released today reveals that in most parts of London over 100 languages are spoken Read More »

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Community translation website uplift

New figures let UK websites boost their audience by revealing languages to consider for translation. Below we look at the top options.

Last week’s Census figures give UK websites and community projects insight into which languages to target for translation in a specific locality or nationwide. In an earlier article, I argued community translation can increase your audience and their involvement – and the new Census figures give further insight.
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Boosting a website with community translation

Which languages give websites the best local audience? Even websites with a target readership within a single country can benefit from translation. What are those benefits for sites in English-speaking countries? And how do you choose which languages to translate into? Read More »

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Merry Christmas translation: a round up of Seasons Greetings

Share multilingual goodwill with our translation of various greetings for the Christmas holiday.

Merry Chirstmas Translation

With December firmly upon us, many around the world are preparing for Christmas Day on 25 December. In fact, as this map shows, the bulk of the countries in the world mark Christmas with some kind of holiday:
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