European Day of Languages 2009

Tomorrow sees the annual European Day of Languages. Initiated by the Council of Europe in 2001, this day sees various celebrations of language, diveristy and foreign language learning across Europe every 26 September.

The 27 states of the European Union share some 225 indigenous languages with many more spoken by citizens whose family origin is from further afield. Some 23 are recognised as official languages, and the EU has provided a written and audio sample of each on their Languages in the EU webpage.

To celebrate European Day of Languages, the European Commission Representation in London has made available to schools some 200,000 copies of a language mini guide. The colourful guide is an excellent EDL resource, giving a small example of European languages (PDF download).

You can find more information on the European Union in London here, as well as more on European events and news.

Meanwhile, if you are a teacher, pupil or parent, why not have a look at the EU young translator contest. This Europe-wide competition, called Juvenes Translatores, is open to secondary schools with registration running until 20 October.

Whatever you are doing to celebrate this European Day of Languages, enjoy!

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