Searching for professional web design?

People turn to web designers for all sorts of sites these days, from hobby blogs to business websites. The obvious place to look for a web designer is the internet, but where to start?

It’s possible to get a simple blog online for free with services such as But what if you want something more professional? Or what if you want to make your bid for a bullet in the stunning web design top 40?

I came across a useful online directory the other day, which I thought worth sharing. Now, directory sites have got a bad reputation over the years, often with good reason. Many are full of spam-like entries and are of little real use.

The Professional Web Design Directory is rather different. It is a helpful resource listing professional web designers who meet their knowledge guidelines. Rather than accepting all and sundry, the entries are checked by hand. What’s more, the listings have the facility for reviews from previous clients so you can learn from others’ experience.

Professional Web Design Directory

What really caught my eye was the useful web design advice section. This has some good tips for both web designers and those looking for one. Topics range from “5 steps to find a good web designer” through to the more technical “Web designers who use GZIP create faster websites”!

Of course, for websites in languages other than English, WorldAccent offers a full range of website translation services. In fact, it was while I was reviewing our new pages on that service, that I came across the Professional Web Design Directory.

If you are considering getting yourself a website, don’t forget you also need to buy a domain name and get someone to host it. Some web designers will do this for you, but it’s often worth looking around for deals if you have a little technical competence.

Whether you are launching a new “must-read” site or sprucing up your existing pages with a redesign, good luck!

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