“POLYply 7: translation” London event

Just heard about an interesting sounding event tonight (Thursday 10 February): POLYply 7 is an event in central London themed around translation, featuring works and performances from David Rule, Jooyeon Park, Caroline Rabourdin, Tim Atkins, and Peter Manson.

Apparently POLYply is

a series of events, each organised around a particular theme, with a diverse range of practitioners invited to participate including poets, musicians, architects and artists.

It takes place from 7pm at:
Centre for Creative Collaboration
University of London
16 Acton Street
London WC1X 9NG

Being a self-styled London translation pundit, I’d love to attend but, sadly, won’t be able to make it. Do let me know how it goes if you go…

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  1. Does anyone know if a similar event will be held in London this year? As a London translation services provider, I would be very interested and would love to attend this type of conferences.

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