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Welcome to WorldAccent. We are a UK-based agency that has been providing reliable Chinese translation services to businesses and organizations for several decades.

Our translations into Traditional or Simplified Chinese will be accurate and sensitive to the profile of your readership. We can also carry out professional Chinese typesetting if needed.

An expert project manager from our London office will oversee your job from receipt through to delivery, ensuring that it proceeds smoothly and completes on schedule.

Find out how we can fulfil your Chinese document translation requirements by contacting us for a free quote, or read on for more information.

Professional Chinese translators

Effective translations should not only be accurate, but should also pay attention to style, linguistic connotations, and cultural appropriateness.

So the Chinese translator we select for your project will be a professional native speaker with the expertise, educational background and experience appropriate for the subject matter of your document.

The chosen linguist be fully briefed on the context of each assignment, including your target audience and the role of the document within your communication strategy.

In addition, our use of the latest software will ensure consistency within your current Chinese translation project and any related projects. It also helps to reduce costs and turnaround times.

Naturally, a round of review for any preferential feedback on your translations is included prior to final delivery.

What type of Chinese translation do you need?

Chinese is the name for not one, but a family of languages. Of these, Mandarin has by far the largest number of speakers. Others include Cantonese, Wu and Min. And all are written in either the Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese scripts.

Which type of written Chinese you need for your translation depends on the location of your target audience or market:

  • For the People’s Republic of China and Singapore, Simplified Chinese
  • For Taiwan, and most expatriate communities, Traditional Chinese
  • In Hong Kong and Macau, Traditional script is also used, but with some differences to that used in Taiwan. So with a translation into Traditional Chinese, it’s important to be clear which region it’s intended for.

请教别人一次是 5 分钟的傻子,从不请教别人是一辈子的傻子

請教別人一次是 5 分鐘的傻子,從不請教別人是一輩子的傻子

A Chinese proverb written in Simplified and Traditional Script

What can we translate into Chinese?

Our Chinese translators cover a variety of sectors and topics, ranging from technical documentation to financial literature, marketing material to internal company information. We will faithfully reproduce the meaning and tone of your original document, whether it’s a presentation, brochure or magazine, an annual report, code of conduct or entire book.

We are able to process most electronic document formats directly. There’s usually no need to create a separate file or mark up what needs to be translated – just send us your English original as it stands and we will do the rest. Some of our most frequent file formats include InDesign, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, XML, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, Photoshop and subtitles.

More Chinese language services

WorldAccent also provides other Chinese language services, including

We also offer a top-notch Chinese typesetting service. This can be combined with translation to create efficiencies and economies over carrying out the two processes separately, saving you money overall.

Our experienced in-house studio has all the skills and specialist software needed to adapt your publication to Chinese whilst preserving the spirit of your design.

Chinese translation, London project management and quality assured

Get in touch today to find out how this winning combination provides you with the Chinese translation service you need. Just click on your preferred contact method below.

Need translations into languages besides Chinese? WorldAccent also offers professional multilingual translation and multilingual typesetting services, making us the perfect choice for complex multilanguage projects.