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International and mutlilingual SEO

Internet users don’t just read websites in their own language, they search for them too. Foreign language search engine optimization (SEO) is therefore crucial for many clients.

Having identified a demographic or language you would like your website to reach, you translate the relevant pages using a professional website translation service. But for the website translation to pay dividends, you need visitors. Some visitors can be attracted through good old fashioned marketing. But even more can be acquired using multilingual SEO.

What is multilingual SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, aims to boost the position of a webpage for a given online search. Search engines have good business reasons for wanting relevant pages near the top of their results (otherwise people will use a different search engine). They use a range of factors to decide who is “most relevant”, including the content of the page.

By boosting a website’s “ranking” for a search term, SEO aims to increase the number of visitors who are interested in what the website is offering. These visitors are a self-selecting group by virtue of having searched for a related subject.

Multilingual SEO takes tried-and-tested search engine optimization techniques and applies them to website translation.

Multilingual SEO results in Google SERPs
Multilingual SEO results in French Google SERPs.

Keywords in foreign language SEO

Search engine optimization in a foreign language starts with identifying your key words or phrases. You may know what these are in English, but is a literal translation the most appropriate? Do you want to target a particular geographical area, and does this affect which search terms are most appropriate? We can help to identify which translated keywords to optimise for.

On-page optimization

Good multilingual SEO starts with on-page optimization and that requires good body text.

As a professional translation company, WorldAccent has always understood the importance of great text. Our translators and copywriters will ensure your foreign language website is fluent and natural sounding, while incorporating your keywords.

Our thoroughgoing multilingual SEO ensures all the key text within a web page is translated – from the title to alt text, and not forgetting the description text so that a punchy translated snippet is displayed in search results. This description and the page's title can be translated to keep within character limits (eg title displayed in Google search results).

In summary, our multilingual SEO-friendly translation helps achieve good on-page optimization, and produce results as part of your wider SEO strategy.

Multilingual SEO, London project management and flawless communication

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