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At an early stage of your project your immediate priority may be having your material translated, and having the translations approved. However, it will be worthwhile to give some thought to the final format of your language versions as early as possible, especially where many languages are involved.

For anything more complex than the simplest word-processed document, it may be advisable to create a generic electronic template of the intended language versions, and use it as the basis for translation. This will ensure that any problems are resolved early and are not replicated across all versions. Moreover, document layout can be adapted in advance – for instance, to allow space for increased volumes of translated text. From advising on the language implications of your initial drafts through to producing print-ready PDFs, our team are well rehearsed in producing language-appropriate, elegant layouts.

For web and multimedia projects in particular, early and detailed consideration of the format and medium is important, and will often affect the style and tone of the translations as well as site architecture or navigation.

Whether print or digital, your project will also benefit from clear translation-approval procedures. Any language issues should be resolved before translations are placed in page or web layouts: text revisions are best handled in word-processing or other text-based applications, and amending text in final layouts may carry significant time and cost implications.

To get an idea of the cost and turnaround, and advice on other aspects of your project, please contact us or use our detailed enquiry form.

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