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Website Translation Services

The English text on your website has been written for a reason: to communicate to your target readers.

What if some of those readers, or potential target readers, don’t understand English? You want to communicate just as well as you do in English. And for that, you need professional translation.

Professional website translation

A successful translation pays attention to style, linguistic connotations and cultural appropriateness.

That is why WorldAccent employs only mother-tongue professional translators from around the world, selected according to their language skills, educational background, subject knowledge and experience.

Based in central London, we have been providing professional translation services to companies at home and abroad for more than 25 years. Our clients range from global corporations, financial institutions and charities to solicitors, local authorities and design studios.

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Why translate your website?

The worldwide web is just that: worldwide. Your website can be viewed from anywhere in the world. How many of those visitors turn away from your website – or worse, never find it – because they don’t read English? Translating your website into other languages helps you to take advantage of the web’s most powerful feature: its global reach.

Fact: a Global Reach survey in September 2004 estimated that only 36% of actual Internet users were anglophone, a figure that's sure to have decreased since.

Research has also shown that the majority of consumers will only buy from websites with information presented in their language. This effect becomes more pronounced the higher the value of the product or service. (see Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Why Language Matters, Common Sense Advisory)

Map of internet users by country
This map of internet users by country (2007) shows the need for website translation.
Image: Tavrian / Wikimedia Commons

Complete website translation services

We offer a comprehensive service, tailored to your requirements and commercial objectives. We have the breadth of knowledge to offer you the foreign language you need, and the depth of knowledge to make sure you get the quality you require.

An expert project manager from our multilingual team will look after your job from receipt through to delivery, giving you peace of mind. Our experience ensures you receive first-class, stylish translation on time and on budget.

Website localisation (...or website localization!)

If your website is targeting a particular market, you need the text written in an appropriate language and style.

In English, you might write a page differently to appeal to UK, US or Australian audience. Or you might try to write a page in “neutral” English to appeal to as many geo-localities as possible.

The same logic applies to your website translation in many foreign languages. For instance, a Portuguese translation could be targeted at Brazil or Europe, or Europe and Africa.

Ensuring the use of the correct language and tone for your target audience is all part of our website translation service. Our decades of experience help to navigate your website through any linguistic tangles to ensure your message is communicated clearly and appropriately.

Efficient translation of website source files

Many clients supply us their source files, for example in html format. We can work directly with these and supply in the same format with the translation replacing the English. The surrounding source code remains intact and unaltered as we extract the text, translate and reinsert the text to produce a website translation. The advantages of this are:

  • translated files are ready to upload
  • no copying and pasting
  • the translation is complete, including all alt, title and meta tag text.

Working on the source files also allows us to check that the language identification is declared correctly.

Text-only website translation

Other clients prefer to supply us only a text file for translation, and work on the source files themselves. In these cases, we supply the file back in the same format.

If it’s Word, we can supply the translated file as a table, with English sentences in one column, translated versions in the other. This helps English readers to keep track of the translation, and to insert the correct text into their source files.

html source file used for website translation services
Source file showing a language declaration for a Traditional Chinese website translation

Website translation: London to the world

Our project managers, based in London, are on hand to guide you through the translation process. You can have all the convenience of a point of contact in the UK, while having at your disposal 25 years of experience spanning the globe.

Our team is based in EC1, close to the City of London. Many of our clients are based there and we have extensive experience of providing translations for companies in the banking, insurance and financial services sectors. We also provide translation to people living in the City of London, working with the Corporation of London to keep local residents informed about council services. We are pleased to take part in Corporation community initiatives, like Heart of the City, where local businesses work with local people.

How much does our website translation service cost?

This depends on the file format, the language, the complexity of the text, and the total word count.

We recommend sending us source files early on. We can then provide a word count and evaluate the subject matter as part of our free estimate.

Tip: if you don’t have source files and you’d like to find out the word count for your website, you may find this tool useful: InSpyder InSite.

Website translation, London project management and flawless communication

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Need more than your website translated? WorldAccent also offers multilingual typesetting and multilingual translation services for many other types of publications.

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