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American to British translation

Welcome to WorldAccent, a trusted UK provider of British English translation and localisation services to businesses, charities and other organisations.

Based in central London, we are ideally placed to deliver excellent British English localisation, and have been providing translation services to companies at home and abroad for over 25 years.

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Professional American to British translation

A successful translation will always pay attention to style, linguistic connotations and cultural appropriateness. Our British translators are well used to working with every aspect of the written word from catch lines to websites to technical documents.

Whether translating from another variant of English or from a foreign language, we employ mother-tongue professional translators. Naturally, all of our translators are skilled and experienced too. This allows us to select a British translator for your job according to his or her language skills, educational background, subject knowledge and experience.

British translation in London

Our project managers have more than 25 years of experience spanning the globe. We are proud to live and work in London – one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world with more than 300 languages spoken.

We can bring a uniquely British perspective to bear on your project, or use our experience to provide your website or publicity global reach.

How about English translation for elsewhere?

English is spoken around the world. Although one language, there are differences from country to country. English written for the American market might read strangely to a consumer in Britain or Australia. These distinctions can be seen not only in pronunciation but also in grammar, vocabulary, spelling and usage.

We are often asked for American to British translation or vice versa. However, subtly different versions of English are also spoken in Australia and New Zealand, Canada, parts of Africa, India, Pakistan and beyond. Whether you need to target one or more of these geographic areas, WorldAccent will provide you with a full range of options – ensuring your document or website has the right feel for your audience.

Your translation bridge into Europe

WorldAccent provide more than American to British translation: we can be your English-speaking route into Europe, providing translation for all European languages. We work with many US companies, and share much in terms of language and ways of working. But we are also a European company, well used to working with our European partners. Being part of the European Union (EU) means we have close ties with the rest of Europe and understand their work practices, meaning your project can be completed rapidly and with a European “look and feel”.

Naturally, translation of your website into any European language is available too. We can translate your web source files to your choice of languages and provide you with code files ready to go.

Affordable British translation

As the Dollar continues to perform strongly against the Pound, there has never been a better time for American businesses to purchase services from a UK company.

Put simply, our translation rates can save you money. And we are happy to invoice you in your choice of Dollars, Euros or Pounds.

So if you are looking for quality translations or typesetting at a very competitive price, contact our project management team.

Three American to British translation examples:

  • In British English, chips are (thickly cut) French Fries. What the Americans refer to as “chips” are called “crisps” in the UK.
  • Mobile phone is the British equivalent of what the Americans call a cell phone: hence, “what's your mobile?” means “tell me the number of your cell phone”.
  • An American restaurant check is a British bill, but an American check you write to pay someone is a British cheque.

American to British translators, London project management and flawless communication

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Need more than just a British translator? WorldAccent also offers a wide range of multilingual translation services spanning the world’s languages.

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