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Does your organisation want to reach an international audience?

Then you’ll need a proficient translation agency to help you communicate your message successfully.

Based in central London, Worldaccent has been providing a high-quality translation service to businesses and NGOs since 1989, and is well placed to rework your English-language material for readers around the world.

Our translations will be accurate, appropriate and sensitive to the profile of your readership. And when it comes to multilingual typesetting, we apply the same exacting standards to maintaining and adapting your visual designs.

WorldAccent offers a comprehensive service to supply your documents

An expert project manager from our team will look after your job from receipt through to delivery, ensuring you receive first-class, stylish translations or typesetting, on time and on budget.

Contact us now to arrange a free quote, or alternatively read on to find out more about how we can fulfil your organisation’s document translation requirements.

A versatile translation company

As one of London’s long-standing translation agencies with decades of experience, WorldAccent is adept at handling complex multilanguage projects with multiple stakeholders. Our flexible workflows can be adapted to a range of scenarios, and we are committed to maximising value to our clients by the use of the latest translation technology.

Our clients range from global corporations, financial institutions, publishers and charities to solicitors, local authorities and design studios.

Our London office boasts an experienced multilingual team of project managers, linguists, typographers and artworkers dedicated to completing your translation job smoothly and efficiently. And despite our competitive prices, we never compromise on quality or attention to detail.

How will WorldAccent manage your project?

We have the expertise and flexibility to complete your project as efficiently as possible whilst accommodating your needs.

Do you have a fixed deadline? We can advise on what is possible within your schedule.

Do you have staff or stakeholders who need to approve or review the translations? We can supply translated files in a format that is easy to revise and track.

Do you need any additional services such as typesetting?

It will help expedite our response to your initial enquiry if you can give us any information you think relevant. Our enquiry form will help you give us the details we need most.

Once we have assessed the style, content, background and purpose of your document(s), we will contact you to:

As your project moves forward, you will be kept up-to-date on its progress, and we are always available to offer information and advice.

What considerations affect your translations?

Word count is the factor that most affects translation price and turnaround time, but it’s not the only one. What is your file format? Does it need any special layout? Does it have a particular context? If your document is financial, legal or technical, it may use jargon that requires specialist knowledge or research from the translator.

We are always happy to advise, whether you are still in the early stages of planning or need to proceed without delay.

Think also about the main purpose of your translation. Accuracy and detail are a requirement for informational documents, but for marketing and campaigns your priority may be style and tone.

And of course, it can only help the translation if the English source is well written!

Other language services

If you wish, we can provide a combined typesetting service with your translation. This creates economies and efficiencies over carrying out the two separately. Our in-house studio has specialist software, an extensive choice of foreign language fonts, and – perhaps most importantly – decades of accumulated expertise in multilingual typesetting.

WorldAccent also offers a range of other foreign language services including copywriting, proofreading and multilanguage transcription.

On this site you will find useful information to help you get your project off the ground. Alternatively, contact us for personalised expert advice. Let us offer you the benefit of our experience to advise on your language requirements and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Before you check in your translation project, check out WorldAccent – your passport to a world of difference.