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English - Spanish Translation

Need documents translated between English and Spanish, efficiently and at reasonable rates?

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Experienced Spanish translation provider

We are a London-based agency that has provided a dependable translation service to businesses and organizations for several decades.

We supply Spanish translations that are accurate and appropriate for your target readership. We can also carry out professional Spanish typesetting if required.

An expert project manager from our dedicated team will look after your job from receipt through to delivery, ensuring you receive first-class, stylish translations on time and on budget.

Find out how we can fulfil your Spanish document translation requirements by contacting us for a free quote today.

Professional Spanish translators

An effective translation will pay attention not only to accuracy, but also to style, linguistic connotations and cultural appropriateness.

So the Spanish translator we select for your project will be a professional native speaker with the educational background and knowledge appropriate for the subject matter of your document.

What’s more, our use of the latest technology will ensure consistency within your current Spanish translation project and also across any related ones. It can also help to reduce costs and turnaround times.

If you wish, you may review your translations for any preferential changes prior to final delivery.

Spanish geographical variations

Spanish is a global language, spoken natively by over 400 million people worldwide. But there are some differences in grammar and vocabulary between regions.

The primary divide is often considered to be between European (or Peninsular or Iberian) Spanish and that used in the Americas. However, there are also variations between Latin American countries.

Therefore, a translation into Spanish is often localised for particular geographic markets.

Map of Spanish-speaking countries
Map of the main Spanish-speaking regions. Image: wikimedia-commons/Onofre Bouvila

What can we translate into Spanish?

Our team of Spanish translators cover a variety of sectors and specialisms, ranging from technical documentation to financial literature, marketing material to internal company information. We will faithfully reproduce the meaning and tone of your original document, whether it’s a presentation, brochure or magazine, an annual report, code of conduct or entire book.

We can process most electronic document formats directly. There’s usually no need to extract the text to be translated into Spanish – you can just send us your English original and we will do the rest. Commoner file types include InDesign, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, XML, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, Photoshop and subtitles.

Other Spanish language solutions

WorldAccent also provides Spanish to English translation, alongside other Spanish language services such as translation proofreading and transcription from media files.

We also offer an accomplished Spanish typesetting service. This can be combined with translation in a way that creates efficiencies and economies over carrying out the two separately, thus reducing yours costs.

Our seasoned in-house studio has all the necessary skills and expertise to produce a Spanish version of your publication that works as well as your English.

Get in touch today to find out how we can meet your Spanish translation needs. Just click on your preferred contact method below.

Need more than one language to be translated or typeset? WorldAccent also offers professional multilingual translation and multilingual typesetting across the world’s languages.