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Sample of Urdu typesetting by WorldAccent

Urdu Typesetting

WorldAccent delivers top class Urdu typesetting, either as a standalone service or combined with Urdu translation.

Our London-based studio provides a fast, economic service and takes pride in our reputation for precision and accuracy. Companies at home and abroad have trusted us for over 25 years to deliver their foreign language typesetting needs.

Whether we are only typesetting or providing the translated text as well, an expert project manager from our multilingual team will look after your Urdu project every step of the way. We are always there to advise you, while our experience ensures you receive a first-class, stylish result – on time and on budget.

Find out how we can meet your organisation’s Urdu typesetting requirements. Choose one of the options below to discuss your project and get a free quote.

Expert typesetting in Urdu

The WorldAccent team brings our years of Urdu DTP and page make-up experience to your project. We will rework your visual design from English to Urdu whilst ensuring that the layout conveys your style to the intended readership and that the spirit of the original is maintained.

From advising on the language implications of your initial designs through to producing print-ready PDFs, our studio’s expertise ensures your project is in great hands – producing language-appropriate, elegant Urdu layouts.

We are happy to provide samples of our Urdu typesetting when discussing your needs – client confidentially prevents us posting them on the web. Common tasks might include typesetting Urdu adverts, charity reports or community information.

Urdu typeset correctly

Producing a document in Urdu can present challenges unfamiliar to those more used to European languages. Urdu reads from right to left, so the order of the page elements must reflect this. Layouts can be reversed, but care needs to be taken with pictures that flip badly or contain writing. Our studio work with this reversing of layouts every day, so you can be sure that your document will read correctly to an Urdu speaker.

We typeset Urdu in-house, which means that we can respond quickly to amendments or queries. This also allows us to advise you during your design process of any potential pitfalls in Urdu. In many projects, we can even point out advantages of Urdu reading from right to left. For instance, it is possible to produce a bilingual brochure in English and Urdu with each language having its own correctly positioned front cover, reading into the middle.

We will typeset the main body text of your documents in the Nastaliq style, which is the customary way of writing Urdu. Naskh (the standard Arabic style) is only ever used for headings and display text in Urdu.

Incorrect Naskh Urdu typesetting Correct Nastaliq Urdu typesetting
Incorrect (Naskh) versus correct (Nastaliq) Urdu typesetting

Be assured that we have all the required expertise for typesetting Urdu: an in-depth understanding of the Urdu writing system and typographic conventions, and an authoritative knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator, Word, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Acrobat and more.

Delivering typeset Urdu in a format to suit you

Your typeset Urdu documents will be supplied back to you in an easy to use format, such as high resolution PDF or outlined text.

Whether you need a business card, a brochure, or an entire book, you can be confident of top quality Urdu typesetting delivered quickly in a manner to suit your workflow.

Two key points on typesetting Urdu:

  • Written Urdu uses an adapted form of the Arabic alphabet
  • Nastaliq, the style of Arabic script in which Urdu is traditionally written, is one of the most difficult scripts in the world for computers to handle

Urdu typesetting, London project management and unrivalled attention to detail

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Need more than one language to be typeset or translated? WorldAccent also offers a wide range of multilingual typesetting and multilingual translation services spanning the world’s languages.