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Do you need InDesign documents translated? WorldAccent provides professional text translation, typesetting in any language, and combinations of the two. All using your InDesign artwork – never copy and paste from a Word file again!

We are happy to advise from the earliest stage on the best approach to translating your project. Contact us to discuss your requirements, get a free quote or read on to find out more…

Professional multilingual typesetting in any language
Professional multilingual typesetting – whatever the document, whatever the language.

How to look good in any language

Your InDesign layouts deserve to be as compelling and stylish in a foreign language as they are in English. Our translation and multilingual typesetting expertise ensures the essentials of your document are delivered to global target audiences as intended. Our range of services allow you to sound right, look right and work right – whatever the language.

Sound right – with our world-class translation

We provide translation in every language and topic. Our team of translators spans the globe, with specialisms in fields in which they have worked or studied. All are professionally qualified linguists translating into their mother-tongue.

Whether you need a convincing advert, a culturally sensitive translation of social issues, precise rendition of technical instructions, a financial report, stylish magazine copy or simply to ensure a business card is just so – we can help.

Look right – with our multilingual typesetting expertise

Our in-house studio counts on decades of multilingual typesetting and design expertise. In fact, we produce several hundred foreign language typesetting projects every year.

Our understanding of typographic and linguistic conventions covers the world's languages. We have the software to ensure translated text composes correctly and the knowledge to spot and solve any problems. Combined with our vast range of fonts, we can ensure your InDesign layout looks as compelling in another language as it does in English.

We handle a wide range of project from typesetting brochures, financial reports, magazines and books through to information leaflets, business cards and adverts.

Contact us for samples of our recent work, or read more about our multilingual typesetting services.

Work right – with our time and money-saving Indesign translation workflows

Combining the latest layout and translation software, we have developed workflows to hold down costs, maximise consistency and improve turnarounds. We can adapt these to fit most scenarios and are happy to advise on approaches to suit your project.

We do provide an all-inclusive translation and typesetting service: simply supply your English InDesign file, tell us which languages are required and we do the rest!

If you wish, you may review your translations before we deliver your final Indesign files.

If you prefer to typeset from our translation, we can supply the translated text in position in your layout. You can then handle formatting and fitting without having to copy and paste from a Word file.

Alternatively, we can typeset a translation supplied by a client or local office. Even in this scenario, we can provide savings by extracting the source text from InDesign prior to translation.

Whether you are drawing up plans or have hit a snag half way through, get in touch to discuss the options for your project. An expert project manager from our multilingual team will look after your project from receipt through to delivery and our experience ensures you receive first-class, stylish translation and typesetting – on time and on budget.

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Excellent translation and expert typesetting – it all adds up to peace of mind in any language.