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Arabic Typesetting Services

Welcome to WorldAccent, a trusted UK provider of Arabic typesetting and Arabic DTP services to business and the third sector.

Based in central London, we have been supplying translations and multilingual typesetting to companies at home and abroad for over 25 years.

We offer a comprehensive service, delivering top class typesetting in Arabic, either from pre-existing Arabic text or as part of our range of Arabic translation services.

An expert project manager from our multilingual team will look after your project from receipt through to delivery. Our experience ensures you receive first-class, stylish translation and typesetting – on time and on budget.

Find out how we can meet your organisation’s Arabic typesetting requirements. To contact us or obtain a free quote, choose one of the options below.

Experts in Arabic typesetting

Our London-based studio provides a fast, economic service and takes pride in our reputation for precision and accuracy. The team brings years of Arabic DTP and design experience to your project. With our extensive collection of Arabic fonts, we can translate your visual design from English to Arabic, whilst preserving your style for your intended readership, and maintaining the spirit of the original.

From advising on the language implications of your initial designs through to producing print-ready PDFs, our studio’s expertise ensures your project is in great hands – producing elegant Arabic layouts.

For complete peace of mind, some clients prefer WorldAccent to provide the Arabic text translation. This synergy allows us to deliver the maximum benefits of our efficient workflow and cutting edge technology, saving you time and money in the long run.

Arabic layout problems solved

Producing a document in Arabic can present challenges unfamiliar to those more used to European languages. Arabic text reads from right to left so the layout of a spread must too – thereby presenting page items to an Arabic speaker in the same reading order as the English original. Our studio work with this reversing of layouts every day, providing you with the best options for your Arabic design.

We typeset Arabic in-house, which means we can respond quickly to amendments or queries. This also allows us to advise you during your design process of any potential pitfalls in Arabic. In many projects, we can even point out advantages of Arabic reading from right to left. For instance, it is possible to produce a bilingual brochure in English and Arabic with each language having its own correctly positioned front cover, reading into the middle.

We have all the technical Arabic expertise you need: an in-depth understanding of the Arabic writing system, Arabic typographic conventions, typefaces and fonts, and an authoritative knowledge of how to typeset Arabic using InDesign, Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Word, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Acrobat and more.

Layout flip for Arabic typesetting, London
Arabic speakers read from the right. In this piece of Arabic typesetting, London's outline does not flip, even though the rest of the layout does in order to preserve the reading order.

Selecting the best Arabic font

Arabic typefaces are very different to English. They not only contain a totally different alphabet, but Arabic words are largely written cursively (with characters “joined up”), even in print. But many of the same criteria apply when selecting an Arabic font for typesetting: an end client’s preferences, the “feel” a designer intends to convey, the space available, printing constraints, and so on.

Our experienced typesetting team will help you choose from our font sheet containing a large array of Arabic fonts – or we can simply insert our choice of the most appropriate fonts while working to your brief.

Read more about Arabic typesetting fonts on our blog.

A wide portfolio of Arabic design

WorldAccent works on the widest range of Arabic projects imaginable from print to the web.

We are happy to provide samples of our Arabic typesetting when discussing your needs – client confidentiality prevents us posting them on the web. Common tasks can include typesetting Arabic business cards, promotional materials or an entire financial report through to art or exhibition brochures, charity reports or even whole books.

Contact us for samples of our previous work.

Delivering Arabic page layouts in a format to suit you

Your typeset Arabic document will be supplied back to you in an easy to use format, such as high resolution PDF or outlined text. We can also supply Arabic publications in the ePub format if required.

Small files can be provided via email, and larger ones via our high speed FTP. Whether you need one word, a brochure, or an entire book, you can be confident of top quality Arabic typesetting delivered quickly in a manner to suit your workflow.

Some Arabic typesetting facts:

Arabic typesetting, London project management and flawless communication

Get in touch today to find out how this winning combination can meet your Arabic typesetting and translation needs.

Need more than one language or more than just typesetting? WorldAccent also offers a wide range of multilingual typesetting and professional translation services spanning the world’s languages. Contact us now to discover how we can fulfil your organisation’s translation requirements.

Detail of NGO factsheet typeset in Arabic, by WorldAccent, London
Detail of exhibition guide in Arabic, typeset by WorldAccent, London
Detail of OUP promotional brochure in Arabic, typeset by WorldAccent, London
Detail of childrens' book in Arabic, typeset by WorldAccent, London