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Translation Typesetting Services

WorldAccent offers a compete translation typesetting service, guiding your translation into print. We typeset any language – quickly and professionally.

Based in central London, we have been supplying multilingual typesetting and language translation to designers, companies and organisations at home and abroad for over 25 years. We can translate your publication from scratch, typeset from an existing translation or advise on developing a template for multilingual documents.

Crucially we typeset these languages week in, week out, and so understand their mores. Why risk composition problems or poor line breaks making text hard to understand?

Get in touch to discuss your multilingual typesetting requirements with one of our helpful project managers. To contact us or obtain a free quote, choose one of the options below.

Get it right, first time

First impressions count. Having a great translation is only half the story in producing a foreign language brochure, website or even business card. The visual presentation is also important with many clients quick to make up their minds. The aesthetics of your translated publication can, and should, be every bit as refined as the English original.

Our in-house studio work with the widest range of foreign languages week in, week out. We understand how they work, know how to solve the inherent problems and avoid any pitfalls.

Our multilingual typesetting studio will ensure the right look, giving you great results and sparing any translation blushes.

Well written translations

We can typeset from a pre-exisitng translation or supply a professional translation and then typeset it.

As foreign language experts, we know that a successful translation pays attention to style, linguistic connotations and cultural appropriateness. WorldAccent employs only mother-tongue professional translators, selected according to their language skills, educational background, subject knowledge and experience.

We also offer a range of other language services including copywriting, proofreading and linguistic brand-name checks.

Translation typesetting expertise

Whether you need one word or a whole brochure, you can be confident of top quality foreign language typesetting delivered in a manner to suit you. Our multilingual typesetting service covers the globe: we haven't yet found a language we can't typeset.

Some languages, such as Hindi, Arabic or Chinese, require expanded software or specialised plug-ins. Some languages may require expanded versions of fonts. Our vast library of multilingual fonts allows a great visual match every time. If hours have been spent perfecting your English brand identity based around the font DIN Light, isn't it best if your Polish and Russian brochures use DIN Light too?

Having specialised in multilingual typesetting for over 25 years, we have built up an unbeatable stock of typefaces spanning the languages of the world. Our in-house studio are on-hand from the start to advise on font options for your document.

Delivered ready to print

Your typeset document will be supplied back to you in an easy to use format, such as a PDF for print or web. Alternatively we can supply translated typeset artwork with any non-roman text outlined to avoid potential font problems. Small files can be provided via email, and larger ones via our high speed FTP. If you prefer, we can arrange the printing of your foreign language document too so you receive the finished product, delivered to your door.

We supply initial proofs for sign-off by yourself or an end-client as a matter of course. Our in-house studio is on hand to carry out any amendments rapidly and accurately.

Translation typesetting, London project management and flawless communication

Get in touch today to find out how this winning combination can meet your multilingual typesetting and translation needs. Just click on your preferred contact method below.

Excellent translation and expert typesetting – it all adds up to peace of mind in any language.