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Subtitle Translation and Multilingual Transcription

Video these days plays an increasingly important role in effective communication strategies. Providing multilingual or localised video content through transcription and subtitling maximises the value of your media assets and enables you to reach an international audience.

WorldAccent can help you with this. Based in central London, we have been providing a wide range of professional translation services to companies at home and abroad for over 25 years. Our clients range from global corporations, financial institutions, publishers and charities to solicitors, local authorities and design studios.

Multilingual transcription services

If you have a video or audio file containing speech, transcription converts this speech into written text. WorldAccent provides an accurate and efficient transcription service in many languages. We can supply the transcript as an ordinary word-processing file, or in a subtitle format like SRT with timestamps. It will be carried out by a native speaker of the relevant language.

Subtitle translation services

We can also translate subtitles, either pre-existing that you supply, or in addition to transcription. These will usually be in SRT format. If you have a requirement for a different format, please contact us to discuss.

We will use professionally qualified, mother-tongue translators to translate your subtitles accurately and professionally. We will select one of our translators for your job – according to his or her language skills, educational background, subject knowledge and experience.

Give your media files a global reach

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Need more than subtitles translated? WorldAccent also offers multilingual typesetting and professional translation services spanning the world’s languages.