New design for our translation blog

Regular readers will notice this blog has a new look. We have tried to keep a very simple look that is easy on the eye and hopefully a stimulating read.

For those of you who enjoy the technical details, we have had to move from the Blogger platform to WordPress after Blogger dropped ftp support. For the rest of you, we hope you continue to enjoy this blog and aim to continue our original intention of highlighting interesting issues about language and translation in the widest sense.

And while I am writing an “in-house” blog about aesthetics, it would remiss not to mention WorldAccent’s wider multilingual design, typesetting and localisation services. Afterall, my continuing fascination with the world of foreign language is driven in part by working with such a wide range of businesses, governmental bodies, NGOs, institutions and other organisations.

So please read on … and why not let us know what you think about the site and what we should be talking about?