Don’t get caught writing ‘Scymraeg’

It’s safe to say that the majority of us are guilty of having used Google Translate at some point in our lives. Whether it be trying to order a meal on holiday abroad or desperately attempting to email a foreign colleague with information on a job, we’ve all given into the temptation and ease of online translation. However, the question of accuracy in official translations or in the public sphere has long been a topic of debate – particularly recently in Wales. Continue reading “Don’t get caught writing ‘Scymraeg’”

Welsh translation is out of the office

Another day, another story of the dangers of non-expert translation. Officials at a Welsh council needed a road sign translated from English to Welsh, and unsuspectingly used the Welsh response to their email request.

Unfortunately for them, and to the hilarity of local Welsh speakers, the response was actually an automated “out of office” response.

As Dylan Iorwerth of Welsh-language magazine Golwg commented, “When they’re proofing signs, they should really use someone who speaks Welsh”.

We couldn’t agree more!