Taking Translation to Clerkenwell Design Week

The signs are up, the windows dressed, the installations in place.“Clerkenwell Design Week” started yesterday and is set to finish tomorrow. Now that’s somewhat short of a week, but no less interesting for it as the streets are full of “design” of all sorts.

Trendy furniture, trendy Clerkenwell
image: Clerkenwell Design Week

This annual shindig describes itself as:

“a festival celebrating design’s creative richness, its social impact and its power for change.

Clerkenwell, the undisputed heart of design in London – itself acknowledged as design’s global metropolis – is perfect for a design festival, where more than 60 design showrooms and a horde of design and architectural practices can be found amongst elegant greens and squares, historic architecture, cool pop-up clubs and shops, famous restaurants and funky bars.

The festival programme of seminars, workshops and debates tackles key issues from a design standpoint. Big design names and inspirational thought leaders will spearhead an event crammed with left-field thinking, off-the-wall performances and presentations to challenge all your preconceptions.”

Yesterday I grabbed the chance to look round the newly opened concept store from Toto, the Japanese luxury bathroom brand, and further down St John Street indulged in some light gazing.

One of the great bonuses of working in our central London translation office is being able to nip out to such celebrations. I’ll be trying to attend at least some more events in the next couple of days to cast my translation eye over them. Design is after-all an international force, although one often coloured by local tastes and aesthetics.