Do you tweet basic Arabic?

A language school based in Dubai are planning to make use of Twitter to bring basic Arabic language to a worldwide audience.

Followers of the Eton Institute will get a daily lesson, containing an English transliteration of an Arabic phrase. Starting with simple words such as “hello” and “goodbye”, the lessons purport to develop into more advanced real world scenarios including work, school, travel and so on.

The institute’s Managing Director added: “Learning the Arabic language doesn’t have to be a chore. By offering short and easy to remember lessons on Twitter we hope to make the learning process as simple as a ‘tweet’ which can be followed on a daily basis.”

Some may have their doubts about learning even the most rudimentary knowledge of a foreign language in such a simplified way. Combined with other resources on the internet to aid with pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, however, it may be an interesting way for a complete novice to dip their toe in the Arabic water.

The lessons start on 1 September. If you want to see how it works out, simply follow EtonInstitute on Twitter.