Sign that puts Italian translation off the rails!

Here’s a little something to put a smile on your face for a Monday morning. One of WorldAccent’s studio team recently returned from holiday, having swapped Italian typesetting for the Italian countryside.

As well as bringing back some delicious cake, he took a snap of this amusing sign from the door of his train compartment:

Italian to English translation on train sign

Yes, that English translation really does read:

In the event of declenchement of audible alarm evacuer the compartiment without precipitation and come into contact with the crew

No, we can’t work out how they managed that either. We’re just fairly sure it wasn’t a native Italian to English translation!

Incidentally, if you are intrigued by the idea of getting the train to mainland Europe (or even further), have a look at the informative and enthusiastic train information site, Travelling by train across Europe may not be the quickest way to get there, but it’s a lot less trying on your state of mind (not to mention being the low carbon option).

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