International Translation Day 2018: free e-card to celebrate

International Translation Day 2018

Best wishes on International Translation Day 2018, this 30 September!

As part of this annual event, the Association of Translation Companies and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting have a theme of “This is Translation” as an industry-wide celebration. Last year the United Nations resolved to observe International Translation Day, marking the importance of language professionals within a globalised world to enhance understanding and communication across languages, cultures and other divides. The grass-roots campaign looks under the bonnet to ask what translation means not only to those of us who do it but to society as a whole.

Some of the ideas that have come up so far are collected on the ITI website:

Translation is more than about translating words, it’s about…

… connecting minds
… sharing information, knowledge and understanding
… replicating another person’s line of thought
… making documents that work
… eliminating communication barriers
… conveying the message and purpose of the original text
… taking a fish (the text) out of water and keeping it alive in a bottle of squash (the target culture)
… promoting understanding
… translating meaning, not words
… making the reader forget it’s a translation

The background of International Translation Day

International Translation Day dates back over 25 years – although WorldAccent have only been making an e-card for a decade! It was way back in 2008 when we shared our first International Translation Day card. We noted then:

The translation day was established in 1991 by the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs (International Federation of Translators). The date of 30 September was chosen as it is the feast day of St. Jerome (347-420 AD), patron saint of translators, interpreters and librarians. The day celebrates and promotes translation as an essential activity in contemporary society – but one which too often remains invisible and ignored. Each year a particular theme, highlighting a different area of translation, is adopted

Discussions and events

This year sees English PEN hosting an event in celebration of ITD, where “Practitioners and academics share the three lessons they’ve learned about translation.”

The website Proz has organised a series of free online lectures with catch-up videos available online after the event.

Meanwhile Words Without Borders have put together a fascinating compilation of fifteen essays and interviews on the art and craft of translation with topics – ranging from translators as sci-fi heroes to the metaphors for the process itself.

ITD2018 poster

More broadly, the International Federation of Translators has selected as the theme for ITD 2018 “Translation: promoting cultural heritage in changing times”. This comes partly in preparation for collaboration with the UN during 2019, the International Year of Indigenous Languages. In this way, they hope that “ITD 2018 highlights the role of translation in promoting an understanding of the intangible cultural heritage of others in order to encourage mutual respect in our changing world.”

The United Nations have this year helped organise a global programme of ITD2018 events. As their website explains

Languages, with their complex implications for identity, communication, social integration, education and development, are of strategic importance for people and the planet.

There is growing awareness that languages play a vital role in development, in ensuring cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, but also in attaining quality education for all and strengthening cooperation, in building inclusive knowledge societies and preserving cultural heritage, and in mobilizing political will for applying the benefits of science and technology to sustainable development.

Whether in discussion of the theory or engaged in the practice of translation, however you mark the 30th…
Best wishes from all of us at WorldAccent on International Translation Day 2018!

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